Thursday, January 21, 2016


I was looking back at my blog, and I realized that I only made two entries in all of 2015.  It is now mid-January, and this is my third of 2016.  At least I am following through on my New Year's Resolution to write more in this.

2016 has started with both a triumph and a disappointment.  I've already written about the triumph, so I guess I should mention the disappointment.  The Texas Academy of Figurative Art held a week-long workshop with famed artist Robert Liberace January 11 through 15.  I had been approached about being one of two male models used in that, and I had responded by asking about scheduling.  I only had three days of paid time off left at my regular job, but I would have gladly taken the other two off unpaid to have gotten a chance to model for this workshop.  It was not to be, however, as I got an email in late December telling me that the male model positions had been filled.

The spring semester has now started at most colleges in the area, and I do have two model bookings scheduled for next week.  It will be wonderful to get back into a regular drawing class again after the long winter break.

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