Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Vacation

We still haven't heard anything from our insurance about Elijah's HGH treatments, and I haven't been aggressive about looking for a more regular part-time job.  I have modeled more this summer than in past summers.  I've done two Saturday life drawing sessions with the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco and a couple of other Saturdays with the Texas Artists Coalition in Fort Worth.  I've got another gig next Wednesday in Keller, TX originating from a Meetup group I'm running.

My full-time job has me feeling a little burnt out, and I am really looking forward to our family vacation.  We'll be leaving two weeks from tomorrow, flying to Chicago (the first airplane flight for both of our boys) and coming back the following Sunday.  The boys then start school the very next day after our return.

We should have a good time on the trip though.  There are several eating establishments that I want to hit (Gino's East, Harry Caray's, and Ditka's among them).  We'll also be seeing a Cubs game at Wrigley Field, and my older son and I will be heading to a White Sox game that night (two ballparks in one day for us diehard baseball fans!).  Another big item on our agenda is a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago.  I've been tempted to scour the web looking for Chicago drawing sessions to model for while I'm there, but I have so far resisted that temptation.  The trip will be family time.  Although if I were going to Chicago alone...

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