Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Health and Color

The calendar says December, but it hasn't felt much like December in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Our highs have been in the 70s and 80s for the past week.  I'm not complaining of course; I love the warmer weather.  My new dieting and exercise regimen is off to a good start, and the warm weather makes it easier to get out and walk or run.  I take two "smoke breaks" a day at work even though I don't smoke; instead I walk around the building a couple of times.  And during lunch, I go to a nearby shopping mall and walk laps.  I started running in the evenings to get ready for the Cowtown 5K at the end of February.  I've also lifted weights a few times in the past couple of weeks in the exercise room in the building where I work.  Of course, since my job is ending, I'll need to find a new place to work out.  My church has a small fitness center which I can join for seventy dollars a year, and I'll probably just go ahead and do that.

While I am a lot more careful about what I eat, I'm not "on a diet."  I've been having a protein/fruit shake in the mornings (I'd have to ask my wife for the recipe), and I've eaten a lot of salads and high protein/low fat foods.  Grilled salmon has become a favorite entree of mine.  And I'm staying away from sweets and anything fried.  I've also cut out sodas, even diet sodas, in favor of water.  From November 23rd through December 2nd, I lost five pounds, and I feel great.

Modeling has been slow for the past couple of weeks.  I had a gig scheduled for this past Sunday, but that got moved to this Sunday.  I've also got a Saturday afternoon session at the Fort Worth Creative Arts Center, so it'll be a full weekend for me.

I did a session in Keller on November 14th that ended in a one hour pose.  I took this shot of a pastel of that pose by an artist named Linda.  I love seeing myself in color, even if she did capture the gray in my hair...

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