Friday, July 26, 2013

The Itch

I was counting it up, and I've only modeled twice since April 21st.  It's the end of July, and the prospects for bookings over the next month don't look good.  When I don't get to model for a long time, I get anxious, and I go looking for places and groups to model for.  I found a place that does sketch nights kind of like the Kettle used to do, and I've offered to volunteer as a model for them.  We'll see what they say.

I don't know why I get so anxious.  Being a nude model is such a part of how I identify myself, so when I don't get to do it much, I feel unfulfilled somehow.  And I even hesitate to call myself a nude model any more.  I like to think of myself as a pure model, as in purely human without all the extra accouterments that society compels us to put on.

Maybe my IT job is too consuming, or maybe our recent move from one house to another has been taking up too much time and resources, or maybe it's just a combination of everything that is leaving me feeling frustrated.  I like to think of myself as atypical.  I don't want to be the typical IT guy, the typical Christian, the typical political activist, or the typical model.  Yet, when I confine myself to any of those titles to the exclusion of the others, typical is how I feel.

I'm sure these feelings will pass once the fall semester gets started, as long as I'm able to book modeling gigs.

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  1. Hi Dan!

    I've always found summers to be incredibly hit or miss for me. Last summer I had more work than I could shake a stick at (and it was clothed, daytime modeling on the weekends at a museum, which I liked). This summer has been pretty slow. In fact, the only booking I had lined up for July I had to cancel on, as I was feeling ill. The workflow for a model can be so unpredictable at times! Sometimes it's a complete drought for months on end, other times I actually have to turn work away.