Thursday, July 21, 2016

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I have long been absent from this blog, and for that, I apologize.  I haven't modeled anywhere since the end of April, but I've been busy with an epic family vacation to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, a political campaign (I'm the Libertarian Party candidate for state representative in my district), and the publication of my debut novel.  My novel is published under my pen name, D.H. Jonathan, and is called The "Volunteer".  It is available in both paperback and Kindle editions here:

I've also started a new author blog for that pen name, which can be found here:  It's registered via Wordpress, and I'm still trying to work my way through creating content on that platform.

The novel had its debut less than three weeks ago and has gotten a good response from readers (two five-star ratings on and two reviews on Amazon, one a five-star and the other a four-star).  Because I posted a few months ago about my ongoing novel called Life Models, I do want to make it clear that The "Volunteer" is a totally different project (in fact, I wrote it while suffering writer's block on Life Models).  Life Models is still a work in progress...

I hope you'll visit me at and that you will give The "Volunteer" a try...

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  1. You KEEP at it friend I am bout to start again after my brain injury. thx for the Encouragement. Gratefully Yours Derrick