Friday, February 28, 2014

Trying to Be the Best

I love this job, and every booking I get, I try to do the best job possible.  I am always completely ready to go at the designated start time of each class.  For a credit course, I am rarely needed at the very beginning, but just being ready to drop the robe and start posing the second that class starts makes a difference in the eyes of the teachers and students.

I had a Drawing II class last night at UNT that I didn't want to end.  They were doing the perspective exercise I wrote about last year (, where I had to do three poses in a rectangle on the floor, and the students had to draw each pose in the same drawing.  The instructor, a young Asian woman who was thinking about my comfort, suggested that I do the three poses in a really comfortable chair with a very high back.  There were students all around the room, and no matter which way I posed, someone was going to see much more of the chair than me.  I grabbed a tall, flat stool and told the instructor that I would pose on it.  "They need to see me more than they need to see the chair," I said.  And, I figured, they can draw a chair any time.  Their time with a live model is limited and should be maximized.  The teacher thanked me, and I did the three poses with the stool.  I think the students appreciated this as well.

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