Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Modeling at Medical School

I got an interesting email from a professor at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine.  They were conducting a special course called Topographical Anatomy: Art and its Applications for six second year students.  This professor wanted to know if I would be interested in modeling for any of six sessions.  The email then went on to describe each session along with a schedule.  There was only one evening class listed, and it was the very first session.  And that session was to take place the very next night.

I wrote back immediately and said I was very interested in that first class.  We booked it, and I showed up last night.  It was an amazing experience.  The class was held in a section of the anatomy lab.  Six easels were set up.  A local artist named Jan Friedman had been hired to help teach the students to draw proportionally.  There were also three members of the medical school faculty in the class.

The first part of the class was a two hour standing pose with the students drawing on standard drawing paper.  I don't think any of the six students had ever drawn from the figure before, and I usually like to do standing poses for people just starting out.  So even if I hadn't been asked to stand, I would have suggested it.  Here's a photo I took of part of that set up...

Once that pose ended, things got really interesting.

"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."- Psalm 139:14 (ESV)  This verse came to mind as I lay on a table while the students worked.  Their job was to use body paint and draw the organs directly onto my body.  They then had to use an ultrasound and see if those drawings were in the right place.  It was amazing. I am happy to report that my gall bladder is very healthy with not a stone in sight. And my liver and kidneys all looked normal.

Here are some unedited pictures, some of which are NSFW, from that session (the drapery kept getting pushed down, but I think it was there more for the students' benefit than mine):


  1. Oh man, that is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! Very cool!

    Frankly, I'd be afraid that I'd get ticklish and start squirming if people were using paintbrushes on me :) But that sounds like an incredibly memorable experience!

  2. Thanks for sharing! its really cool.

  3. Reading your story, caused me to remember a similar event that involved me many years ago.
    I had been seriously injured in a car wreck some time before and been out of action for three months- IE in bed. and I had done some blood work studies. And this came up- I think in the student newspaper. However there was a misprint. The wording in the ad stated "male general physical exam" and it should have stated "male genital physical exam" And as I remember it -it paid $200-$300 , I could be wrong about the amount, and I think now it is standardized and they have a group of regulars. I know the money motivated me but I also felt that I wanted to somehow give something back to the medical community. Whatever I called about it and the person who took the call, clarified the situation and I decided to go along with it, basically because the money was very tempting.. But I have to admit the day I arrived for the session, I almost ran out. I met with the Dr, who was not too friendly- arrogant and verging on rude. The feeling that I got was that if I was doing something like this that I was in some way a sleazy specimen. After a very few words basically just saying that I would be examined, he gave me a robe and told me to strip "completely"- I had some idea from the original phone call I made as well . I anxiously asked “What do I do if I start to get an erection?” He responded with a very unpleasant look and stated firmly “That won’t happen ” handed me a robe and left the room. He came back with all male students- about 7 I think. Ranging from a chubby, short Chinese to a gorgeous athletic blond. ( I should mention that I am gay) . The dr gave a short intro, told me to lift the robe and proceeded to do a not too gentle exam. As I am uncircumcised he did have a bit of a job rolling back my foreskin( I seemed to shrink and "dry out" with nerves(?) and actually doing the testicles-one part using a finger and prodding up inside my scrotum- something that I have never experienced in any exam) which was very uncomfotable and then turned it over to the class. The Chinese guy was first, and pretty nonedescript but it was almost like I was being examined in reverse order of attractiveness, and about half way through I did notice some arousal sensations, but managed to basically control it, although it must have been noticable to some degree. Well the "gorgeous" blond was last and I did lose my self control. I got fully erect , which he was fairly relaxed and fine with and even laughed a little and made some appropriate comments- he appeared to be reasonably comfortable taking a firmer grasp and rolling my foreskin back and forwards, – I did get a little seepage, which he also pased off, and used a tissue on and then-and he was the only one – he pulled my foreskin back when he finished. The others just left it retracted. So in effect ( after the first one)it was rolled back at the start of each individual exam, the blond has actually started the exam by rolling it back in place and then rolling it back so to speak. The Dr was fairly obviously treating me with little respect which made my embaressment and humiliation even worse. The rectal was again very agressively done by the Dr, and some of the students- due to inexperience I guess- were also pretty rough. I am English ( to explain the uncircumcised look a little)and I had never even had a rectal exam before.

    At the end of the session the Dr advised me that I should not have accepted the job if I was unable to control myself and that my behaviour was "completly unacceptable". It was not a pleasant experience, and I never did it again.
    So to anybody who has read about your experience I would encourage them to be a little cautious and imagine he possibilities, before they go for it.